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About Us 

I was born in January of 1993 and grew up in a small town called Sparta located in North Carolina. I was raised by my parents (Randy and Donna) and had one older sibling, Zach, who has a unique testimony of his own.  I was taken to church faithfully throughout my childhood and began having a passion for God when I was eight years old. I remember my grandfather (Pastor) preaching the word of God Sunday after Sunday until one day I felt his God's spirit touch me in my bedroom and I repented and asked God into my heart.   A few years passed and my grandfather bought me a guitar and I started singing in church. From the age of twelve until I was eighteen my brother and I traveled from one church to the next singing songs and giving glory to God. We were able to keep up with nearly 200 bookings each year.  What makes this more special is my brother has autism and he was told he would not be able to talk or lead along or sing.  So it astonished everyone and it was giving hope to the hopeless. 


In my teenage years, my life was filled with going to school, playing sports, farming, and just the usual stuff a kid does. However, seeing lives be changed before my eyes I realized my life had a different purpose, and that purpose was to help as many as I could by pointing them to Jesus and by expressing the love he has for his people. So In December 2012, I announced my calling to preach.  In 2014, I became a youth pastor and right after that, I purchased my very own revival tent so that I had a way to connect to people outside of the church house. Looking back at the moments I am truly grateful for all those who pushed me in the right direction when I was younger. 


Today, I am continuing on for the Lord while trying to reach even more. My adult years by far were nothing easy as I had gone through many challenges of my own and through much pain and suffering.  I used all those heartbreaks to write songs because I wanted people to know even in life's toughest moments there is still hope, and they still have a future no matter what their current situation is because I am living proof of what God can do for anyone. As he has truly turned my life around for the good in a majority of ways.  

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