Music Ministry

One of my favorite ways to tell people about Jesus is through Music. Since I was twelve years old I was singing and learning how to play guitar. As time progressed God gave me the ability to play the piano, organ, drums, and other instruments as well. I desire to use these talents for the Lord to help others and uplift God. Depending on the Spirit I usually sing genres like old hymns, southern gospel, contemporary & worship, and some Christian country. More importantly, people who know me can testify I do my best to get anointed to help reach the lost.  In addition, here recently I have begun writing my own music and sharing songs from my heart. Feel free to check out those songs below or on any music platform 

Music from "Rescued" Album

New Podcast Sermons 

In the world we live today, it's very easy to share the Gospel through the internet, but not many do it.  My hope in creating this new platform is that someone will give their heart to God through hearing the Word preached. I pray for those who do trust in Christ already will hear and grow in their relationship with him. Finally, I pray God will anoint these sermons to help you find your purpose in God. 

Podcast will be posting here soon..