Celebrating 10 Years in the Ministry 

Mission Statement

My mission in life is to glorify God by reaching people across the world through evangelizing, singing, and showing God's love. I desire that all should hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that none would be lost.  

Short Bio of Cody


 Cody was born and raised in North Carolina and developed a passion for ministry when he was twelve years old. Cody has a unique testimony of his own and testifies of how God has kept him through the years. Today, Cody is striving to spread the Gospel of Jesus through his songs, evangelistic work, and youth ministry. If you would like to learn more about this ministry please take a look at our website and keep checking in as we are constantly adding new material. 

May God Bless You! 

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Music Ministry

Sharing the Gospel through concerts, festivals, and other events 

Image by Alexander Shatov

Podcast Sermons

A brand new addition to this ministry is the Podcast. From here you will have the option to listen to Cody's sermons while on the go.


Outreach Ministry

Ministry outside of the church walls.

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